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The OISPA has many events and activities that it supports over the school year. 

We welcome any and all support from our fellow parents and teachers, by signing up to volunteer for just one activity, or regularly. Your help supports not only our students, but the the wider OIS community.

Please contact us via our volunteer co-coordinator at, or come to one of our monthly meetings (1st Thursday of every month in the OIS lobby at 9am.)

Education research shows that when parents are involved with their children's schools, the children perform better in school. For this reason, OIS encourages parent involvement.

But there are also other reasons to be involved. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and find your support network, use your talents, and all for a good cause. From hosting a classroom coffee, to coordinating the International Food and Fun Fair, signing up as part of a hot dog and smoothie team, or helping with reading in a class. Parents can help to sustain many activities integral to the life of the school.

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