When:  Friday May 25, 2018
Time:    9.00 - 14.30
Place:    OIS 


Each year the Parents´Association organises a special lunch for all the staff - academic and administrative, to show our appreciation for the dedication and commitment they give to teaching 

and caring for our children throughout the year.  This is very much appreciated by the staff and fairly straightforward to organise from the class perspective. It is a buffet lunch laid out in the staff room.  Due to the timetable changes this year, lunch will be served between 11am and 1pm. 


We ask each class to donate one dish sufficient for 15 people. The PA will give and prepare two hot meat dishes 

  • Food should be ready cooked / prepared, but we do have the possibility to reheat. 

  • Food can be left in the galley kitchen on the day of the lunch from school start.

  • It would be helpful if the food were labelled with the dish´s name, the class it has been given by and please state if it contains nuts.

  • Please make sure your serving plates, bowls etc. are marked with your name.

  • Serving items will be left, clean, for collection in the galley kitchen by the end of the school day.


On the day for we need one or two volunteers per class, Pre-school up to and including Year 6,  to look after the children during the lunch break, so that the teachers can come and enjoy the lunch. This will most likely involve supervising lunch or snack itself.


Volunteers are also needed to help set up, serve and clear away the lunch - for this you also get to eat up the leftovers!!  We will start setting up from about 9am, and are usually finished about 2.30pm.  Volunteers are welcome to come for all or just a part of the event.

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